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How did we start?

Having extensive knowledge of the GPS tracking industry, we decided to come up with a reliable yet affordable solution to tracking all vehicles. Zenda’s goal is to give small business the same leverage as the big business companies by offering a true GPS tracking solution… at an affordable price of course.

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A new player in the Game

Zenda GPS Tracking brings effective solutions for many types of industries at an affordable price.

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We believe that simple is better

Finally a GPS tracker that can stand up against its expensive counterparts

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Our GPS tracker is one of the most complete ones on the market today! The only difference between us and the other companies are the higher prices they will charge you along with the monthly fees.

Economical Prices

Unmatched power

Quality Product

Great Design

Receive Reports

Monitor 24/7

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Stop paying high prices for GPS Tracking devices!

Find out more about Zenda and the economical line of products that will be releasing soon. Prices for both large and single pieces please email us for more information.

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